Sunday, September 13, 2009


i haven't been carrying my camera lately.

i did today
which made me realize
that i see in a thoroughly different way
when i carry it.

not better or worse
just different.

sixth avenue is also
the avenue of the americas.

though no one
calls it that
it still sports the evidence

if abstraction happens in the city
and no one records it
is it still art?


  1. I agree with you about carrying the camera, we do see and LOOK at the world differently when it is with us, I intend to attach it to my hip ...or maybe my saddle bag!
    your photos are just gorgeous!

  2. I love those abstracts. I think they become art when you frame it and share it.

  3. Adore the abstracts.
    Yes, one looks differently with and without a camera.
    Total esp
    was thinking of you today and thinking we should get together soon.

  4. is it art?--yes yes! great shots --keep carrying your camera--best c

  5. Art is everywhere, just waiting for a behold like your!

  6. what is art anyway? georgia o'keeffe
    love every shot!


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