Friday, September 25, 2009

some mornings...

some mornings everything i see seems
worth recording.
today that might be because i awoke at
four thirty am
and had consumed a goodly portion of
peet's sumatra blend
by six thirty.

at five i had stumbled upon a short film,
'on detour with manny farber',
which had me wide awake immediately.
it's on pbs saturday again on saturday morning at 5:30.
seek it out. or google his work:

it was probably farber
who made me
see things
this morning.


  1. I'm particularly fond of the first image but the second and the third could only have been taken at some un-Godly hour in the morning.Bleary-eyed and lovely x

  2. I especially like the taupe/beige textured images... up my alley.

  3. Love the second one. I love the mornings with light like that.

  4. These are the days....wonderful pics! Everything is an inspiration!
    The first one is my fav! Check out your portrait, dear, it's ready!
    Take care, enjoy! xoxo

  5. you made wonderful use of the inability to sleep--I will check out farber--great shots-c

  6. Manny is cool. Our museum had a show of his about 4 yrs ago and I was delighted to find him. and wondered how I'd missed him all these years. Our pbs station didn't have the show so I pulled out my Manny Farber On Tour book and enjoyed his work all over again.

  7. Beautiful! :-)

    I miss PBS, very very much.

    I was standing on Rome's Capitol Hill (Campidoglio) recently,
    on an overcast evening, when all of a sudden the cloud curtain let the setting sun bath the whole city in gold, just like your windows above.
    It was a magic moment.


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