Friday, November 27, 2009

black friday: a rant

guest blogger ebby scrooge here
with a bah humbug commentary.

my bona fides include having walked through
the main floor of Macy's Herald Square
this morning.
at 7:30.
for research.

being, as i am,
a speck of dust
near a ball bearing
on a cog
in a gear
that turns the aging machinery
that is media
i'd like to take the occasion
of this arbitrarily exalted day
to apologize in advance.

for the heartwarming stories to which you will,
henceforth and for two fortnights, be subjected.

for the endless instructions on wrapping gifts,
cooking turkey and determining which overpriced
merchandise is appropriate for which relative.

for the adorable photos of animals and children
in Santa and/or elf costumes.

for inevitable coverage of the hyperilluminated houses
of people whose desire for attention
is exceeded only by the octomom.

for the hackneyed ledes which will involve
halls (decked), bells (jingling) and ho ho hos,
and for the overworked headlines
which will invoke nights silent.

for the lists of celebrity resolutions
real and imagined my most sincere apologies.

have a good holiday,
and hold on tight -
there's a new decade
dead ahead.


  1. With Thanksgiving Day past and gone, I cannot wish for the next forty days be past and gone, along with burying the last decade . . .

    Wishing you a grand weekend

  2. If you want less Christmas lights - you can pop over here! The media does they same hype - but the lights are confined to Fauchon, le Printemps, Galleries Lafayette and the Champs Elysées. Here in the country however, you can spy a disproportionate amount of tacky wee Santa's climbing awkwardly into people's houses. We amuse ourselves counting them on our drive to school. I have luckily managed to skervish my way around getting one. However, as you will see from my blog - my contribution to Christmas lights has just gone up! Only my neighbours (1 house) and maybe the odd satellite can see them twinkling away...
    Had thought 'Leap' was ready. Upon seeing the photo - It's lacking ...something... will send! Pleased it's you and not me in the crowds...

  3. your image really was perfect with the poem~elk


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