Friday, November 20, 2009


jeanne-claude, artist,
wife and partner of christo
died on november 18.

here, some photographs i took
during their new york project
the gates
in the winter of 2005

you'll find more of my photographs
from this extraordinary project here


  1. So sorry to hear the news. My son Matt who is an artist who lives in NYC worked at the park for Christo during the time of the installation-- it was one of his first jobs when he moved to NYC. He sent me fabulous pictures as well as yours.

  2. Thank you for posting a tribute to her. When they were in Northern California and putting up the white running fabric fence that ran from the Pacific Ocean through the countryside, a small town and ended near Sonoma.

    I remember seeing the newsreels on television but it was not for another year or so till I had a drivers license, so I never did see it in person, besides I don't think my mother would had let me drive to Sonoma, even though it was only about 80-90 miles away.

    I am glad you were able to see and experience their work and your photographs are precious and compliments very well their artistic views.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. I have unfortunately not been privy to knowing them and am off to google it now; so if I don't wake up tomorrow I will end up a little less ignorant!
    It's not just that orange is my favourite colour. But the overall effect is striking. The gates remind me of Buddhist prayer 'flags.' Bugger, don't know the word for them in English. The hazards of spending too much time with French speakers!
    great post and wonderful weekend!

  4. those are the best photos I have seen of The Gates. Just exquisite.

  5. Wow, lovely photos. I always thought this was interesting project. Thank you for letting us know about her death.

  6. Wow! I am so happy to see your photos, but I am sorry for the loss. Such creative genius. I had hoped to get to NYC to see the installation, but it was not in the cards that year, I'm afraid.

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  8. Beautiful photos. I had heard about the installation and couldn't quite grasp what it was about until I actually went through the park and walked through the "gates" myself. It was an extraordinary exhibit- one that created talk and was a conversation topic for an endless time. The fact that it created such strong feelings in people - regardless of what they were- was a real tribute to the impact it had.

  9. I think these really are the best photos of The Gates. this is a wonderful tribute to an amazing artist!


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