Monday, November 30, 2009

lest you think...

...i'm a complete curmudgeon
i offer this evidence.

caught without my camera
i had to rely on the iPhone.

if you find yourself in the city
on thanksgiving day
and the parade route doesn't change
you could do worse than grab a cup of coffee
at bouchon bakery
and watch the parade from the vantage point
of the A/X store at the time warner center

you do see the back end of the balloons
but it's warm and uncrowded.


  1. Wow! I could just imagine sitting there with a hot milky coffee quitely watching the crowd go by... Post goes out demain.

  2. In Carnaby street there are giant pink inflatable reindeer and the view I got, and photographed(but didn't share!) was of their nether regions! It was most unpleasant!

  3. You may have taken these pictures on your iphone, but I love them and they just have so much feeling in them and you really feel like you're in the air watching the parade! Thank you!


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