Saturday, November 7, 2009

mass moca

museums are already filled with
when, exactly, did they succumb to

before it was MoMA,
the Museum of Modern Art was just
'the modern'. i liked the modern.
it was, you know, modern.

the acronym for the
museum of contemporary art
in north adams massachsetts
sounds like a highly caffeinated
flash mob event.

kinda cute though, i admit. the name.
the museum is nothing short of spectacular.

i had the opportunity to visit
with m. heart of secret notebooks during the first week of my well deserved 2 week vacation.

the sol lewitt building - a four floor retrospective
of his wall drawings -
will be around for 25 years.

above is a piece by sean landers from
the exhibition 'this is killing me'
about being an artist,
and the nature of creation

the rest is the architecture of
mass moca and pieces of sol lewitt


  1. MOCA: Would be great with a decent coffee then! You must come and see the Pompidou in Paris...

  2. I miss Mass MOCA-- I wish my son was still at Williams College-- for 4 years I would visit him there and then we would head for Mass MoCA-- loved it there-- so many memorable exhibits.


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