Thursday, November 5, 2009

you would think...

wouldn't you
that during a
two week vacation
(even allowing for a week
in the wilds of
western mass.)
there would be
time enough to
catch up with blogs and
post to my own.

you would be wrong.

curiously there has been
no time.

thus have i been remiss in commenting
and in replying to comments on my own
meager recent offerings.




  1. I know how you feel--- I just returned from Japan exhausted and then came down with a bad cold and am just now getting back into the groove-- I have been to MA during the autumn changes--- my son went to Williams... very beautiful there.

  2. Primo: You have a sign saying BWO - it's there for a reason!!! Hope your two weeks away both inspired and replenished you after that yucky flu.
    Secondo: When you grace the world - or at least the blogosphere with such beautiful photos, you don't owe anyone else anything ; -)
    Love the top one!!!

  3. sometimes you need a break! from everything.
    i love all your photos, the first is my favorite, which camera did you use?

  4. thanks you guys. i tend to forget what bwo stands for. these were all shot with my canon s3 - that first one through the car window for the hell of it - i love shooting for the hell of it. i feel those shots are the real gift of digi.

  5. Hey, take a look on the right, there is a BWO sign! ;)


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