Sunday, December 20, 2009

city winter weekend

snow falling at night
crowds on fifth avenue

and at the modern.

the lights on sixth avenue

i thought i was going for the tim burton show.
it was 11:30 and the timed ticket was for 3:00.
so i went to see the gabriel orozco show.
the piece above is the only one i could shoot.

Loved the show -

tiffany windows


  1. I love the Tiffany windows but would surely appreciate the Modern more. Have enough jewellery. Enough of everything material in fact. Sounds a bit Grinchish but I'm happy to admire a beautiful window without the 'having.' Thinking of you very intently!
    May your liberation be merciful..;
    Let me know when it arrives - shouldn't be too long (LEAP I mean)

  2. The Tiffany store in San Francisco had similar windows.. so gorgeous. They were magical..

  3. Hi, came here by way of Egmont - great art - I work a block from MoMA and recently saw Burton show. No photos allowed inside - many small works, some very funny. Great movioe props and costumes.

    So many people and so many small images to absorb I got jittery.

    My best.


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