Thursday, December 3, 2009

new york icons

pat kiernan is the man we wake up with.
he's the reason we stick with time warner.
his pauses are more eloquent
than the commentary of most talking heads on tv.

if you don't live around here you can still
see his 'in the papers' segments here

todays, while not representative
is especially delightful for those of us
who regard him as the thinking woman's sex symbol.


  1. HAHAHA! How do you think that happened?! Was it a mistake?
    Ooooh, the intrigue!

  2. Ok, had to google it and saw the full story (on a website that would be very familiar to you, I'm sure)...

  3. All right, I am obviously not from NY and I must be missing something here, other than that his shirt is open down to his naval and I hope this is not the way he appears each morning. We certainly do not in laid-back California, for here everyone wears a tie.

  4. i should explain further.
    pat kiernan is a newsman on New York 1,
    our local all news station.
    Each day, in one of the most
    popular segments on morning TV,
    he digests the New York papers
    and presents us with a capsule view
    of whats up, what's interesting,
    what's ridiculous.
    we newspaper folk are enamoured of him
    because, well, he reads the papers.
    And because his story choices and
    deadpan delivery are just what we need
    to wake us up in the morning.

    He is not usually demonstrative.
    His sartorial daring endears us
    to him all the more.

  5. the unbuttoned likey. :) off to google more pat kiernan.


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