Saturday, December 12, 2009

quel drama

this private, invite only thing is a temporary measure,
precipitated by an incident @ my office and i expect to be
without a job in the very near future.

nearly 30 years with the company and i may get
nothing to show for it but all i want for chanukah now is

more details to follow.
maybe even pictures.


  1. First of all the pictures in your previous post are beautiful.
    and second, I am sorry to hear about your job situation-- my, times are hard right now for many people, and I am sorry to hear that you may be joining the throng of unemployed. I hope this is temporary.

  2. take a lot of pencils home now. and copy paper. that will teach them to mess with you.

  3. You should have escaped years ago. You are too talented and too gentle for that place.

    There are so many options for getting your work out there now, and I really look forward to seeing books of your wonderful photographs on lulu or blurb or some similar print-on-demand publisher.

    Jasper and I took the leap of faith and left our day-jobs about 2yrs ago. It was a bit scary, but so glad we did. Doing what you love, and choosing who you work with - these are things worth living for.

    xx kat =^..^=

  4. I am sorry I missed this one.
    Upon reading this I felt if someone had hit me in the stomach . . .

    I have been without work for six years now, most of the time due to health issues, but now with the economy being what it is and my age to boot, I have almost given up any hope.

    Learning that after almost 30 years you face unemployment is not something what's to find out.

    I wish you good luck.


  5. Sounds ominous. I hope all works out well for you - and in a way that you wish.

  6. Judy I can't believe it! I was just going to ask if "Leap" had arrived yet - and I see you're leaping about because of idiots at work. For whatever pretense, I will always be amazed when someone who has given 30 years of loyal service (including the moments we all flag) can be put into question. You are probably wasted on that place anyway...
    Have faith Judy - THE net WILL appear.

    PS - your change of post didn't show up on my sidebar unfortunatey-ly so I'm a bit late in seeing it!


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