Tuesday, December 29, 2009


my first sewing machine
arrived today.

i've always loved fabric
and wanted to, you know, sew something:
arty/crafty, homey, whatever.

what finally got me to wind the bobbin
was winning a place in the
'remains of the day'
journal workshop conducted online by
the marvelous
mary ann moss' of dispatch from l.a.

i've long admired the spontaneity of her
work and her lisbon travel journal is remarkable
so i vowed that if i won a place at the
(sewing) table i'd get me a machine.

the genie in the random number generator
obviously wanted me to buy that machine
and i've threaded it and made my
first practice stitches on paper and fabric.


  1. A great start! Have fun playing with your new toy LOL!

  2. Hi, I've come to your blog via the Remains of the Day class and was delighted to find we also have Dragonjools in common, since the writer, Dwyn, is my lampworking teacher! Welcome to the class, looking forward to seeing what you and your sewing machine create.

  3. Have fun playing with the new machine. Congrats on winning the class too!

  4. so happy to visit..happy new year...sew away!!

  5. Well done! I am really admirative of these sewing skills! Looking forward to more peeks into what you're up to!

  6. Enjoy your new toy :)

    I have a sewing machine, but it must be thirty years old and it's definetly time for a new one. (that's my excuse for not sewing)

    best wishes for the coming year


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