Saturday, January 23, 2010

quilt stripes

allegedly purchased for mary ann moss'
remains of the day
scrappy journal making class,
my first sewing machine has inspired
the accumulation of sewing and quilt making
paraphernalia - high quality shears,
rotary cutter and it's necessary companion
the rotary cutting board, plastic ruler,
seam ripper and several boxes filled with
deconstrcted thrift shop shirts.
i'm especially fond, as you can see,
of hawaiian shirts.

here are the first practice strips -
the seams aren't straight and the strips aren't
of equal widths...but still


  1. oh fun.
    i wish I knew how to sew.
    like your combinations.
    promising myself i will start an art journal tomorrow.

  2. Too funny, I have purchased many of the same items, upon the advice of a friend who sews quite a bit and is also taking the ROD class. Have yet to use the rotary cutter, not sure I remember what it is for?! Hadn't occured to me to buy thrift shop shirts and cut them up but now that I see yours, it seems I might need to do that too! :)

  3. Would you mine if I printed these out and used them for a border for a journal page? The olives and blue would be perfect,


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