Sunday, February 28, 2010

snowy sunday

it wasn't impressive, this week's snowstorm...
the sanitation department worked tirelessly
and made the streets passable impossibly fast.

it was one of the top five snowstorms, they said
but it didn't feel that way
until i got into central park.

and the iPhone had fun at the metropolitan museum.


  1. That first photo is swoon-worthy.

  2. Yes - I agree with Mlle Jolicoeur and would give my smile to take photos like you can!! I have a snow post too - but in full colour and with no artistic talent whatsoever!! How is miss Magpie??

  3. Hello Miss Magpie! I've been a way from Blogland for far too long and just starting to catch up. LOVE the Hipstamatic shots! Care to share the lens/film/flash recipe?

  4. cool shots, and the museum... neato!

  5. Love ALL these images--- every time I come here I am once again amazed at what the I-Phone camera can do-- course it takes a good eye and sense of design which you have.


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