Thursday, February 11, 2010


for the access-a-ride van to pick us up,
my mother and me,
for the doctor,
for the tech at the imaging center
the cab on york avenue
and the results...

the flowers at the doctor's office
were fake but lovely.
the afternoon shadows on the carpet
at the imaging center, hypnotic.

my mother fell last week and,
it turns out,
fractured a couple of ribs.
still, at 95 that isn't the worst
of possible outcomes.

now she's waiting to heal.


  1. hope she heals fast.
    love the shadows too.
    and the purple flowers, i wouldn't have known they were fake until you said so.

  2. I would never have picked the flowers for fake either. Poor darling - not nice having a fall for any one let alone fractured ribs... Pauvre possum.

  3. Your poor mom! Sorry to hear that, I know she's quite a trooper and hopefully she'll have a speedy recovery (and no more falls)!

  4. 95. now there's a woman who's seen the world. i'm sorry she fell :-(
    love your spare photos. the stories are always good too.


  5. I'm a very-long-time reader and ardent admirer of your work, and am finally de-lurking to wish your beautiful mum a quick recovery.

    Big, big love to you both x


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