Sunday, March 7, 2010

another sunday

(view of the exhibit)

the international center of photography
is showing the work of czech photographer
miroslav tichý
until may 9.
a true eccentric, he's known his use
of makeshift cameras and the distorted,
unfocused results, are enchanting.
while the work itself sometimes verges
on the voyeuristic -
women photographed unaware,
often just in parts -
these are exquisite artifacts.
some of tichy's cameras are also on view.

(some of his photos)

tichy's work reminds me of diana/holga
photography and, ta da, some of my
new iphone apps fit right in.
(below are my photos...sorry for the misunderstanding)


  1. He is indeed a fabulous photographer and his cameras are amazing. Love the deep sea green blue/green but that dolly reminds me of the sorts of things those twisted people put into films like 'The Exorcist.' Can't stand clowns or dolls with eyes that shut anymore! Yours does have a little half smile and friendlier face mind...

  2. whoops - those are MY PHOTOS...
    the top one is a shot of the exhibit and the next a shot of a pile of his photos,
    should make that clearer...

  3. It is the best kind of voyeurism when you take us inside such magnificent exhibitions as this, with secret pictures from your coat pockets. I am so grateful for it, as I would never discover these things otherwise.


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