Thursday, April 1, 2010

hipstamatic: blanko

here's what...

i've given in to my obsession with
the iphone hipstamatic app.
i've purchased all the available
film/lens combinations -
six lenses, eight 'brands' of film.
i've photographed these flowers
in every combination.
this is the first set

these six were all shot with
"blanko" "film".

john s lens

jimmy lens

kaimal mark ii lens

helga viking lens

lucifer vi lens

roboto glitter lens


  1. I vote for the Helga Viking ;)

  2. wow, if i were any good at math, i could figure out how many combinations you could get! i, too, vote for the Helga lens

  3. this is just the beginning, you guys.
    are you influenced by
    the fact that the composition of the
    helga shot is the best?

  4. I kinda like the lucifer as well....and I am with you, having spent as much money as the hipstamatic site as I can! So much fun!

  5. Wonderfully informative post for all of us in the "addict" category :-) ... thanks for conducting the experiment!

  6. I am partial to the John S lens, but to tell you the truth, I am most partial to the unpredictable excitement of the whole process. Oh, I guess that makes me an addict, too...

  7. i like them all :)

    too hard to choose this time


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