Friday, May 28, 2010

so that's that.

i am no longer a graphic designer
for a large metropolitan newspaper.

i guess my neverending battle for
truth, justice
and the american way
has come to an end.

that identity was so much a part of me
for so long...
looking forward to discovering
who i am now.*

here (kind of a non sequitur,
but i haven't posted in so long)
are some recent iphone images
from the lee bontecou exhibit
at the modern.

* would love to hear suggestions
about what i should be doing
with all this free time.

call it an informal contest -
i promise to come up with an appropriate award,
you provide suggestions.
legal, do-able,
enjoyable, creative suggestions.
email me or comment.


  1. For a while, only for a little while, do NOTHING. It takes time for the dust and soot of The Job to filter on out. Do nothing. Just be. Later on, we'll nag you into doing something else.

  2. I'm with Don. We're soooo never allowed to do nothing that it's almost an integral part of the detox process. First nothing. What comes next will just bubble out of you. It's time to develop trust. And as Don says - if it doesn't bubble out of you ;..we'll nag you into something then!
    You houuuuu for you! Told you I would have the champagne out for you this evening.

    Big bisous


  3. we are all going to tell you the same thing.....DO NOTHING.
    it will come to you what you are "supposed" to do.
    just enjoy!! you are so creative and talented that doing nothing will turn into something spectacular.
    do continue to blog. we all want to hear.

  4. hey thanks you guys.
    nothing is definitely the short term plan. what I meant wasn't 'what should I do with my life now'... more like suggestions for, oh the next day. or ten minutes on tuesday morning. you know, small steps.

    but ... thanks for ... 'nothing'

  5. I agree with the other posts above, definitely do nothing for as many days/months/years as you can get away with it, but in the short term, maybe make a list of all the things you've always meant to do when you have more time - sort out that closet, explore the park around the corner, try out a new recipe, paint that chest of drawers - and then start doing some of those things. The most important thing is just to enjoy yourself, relax, unwind!!

  6. sleep in, reorganize, use that sewing machine and paper scraps to journal your will be amazed at how quickly you can adjust to your own schedule.
    before you know it, July is here.


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