Tuesday, June 22, 2010

desperately seeking

another word for

i'm neither tired again nor
are my wheels being replaced.

when asked "what do you do"
the answer "i'm retired" sounds to me
exactly like "i don't do anything"

i'm leaning towards
"whatever i want".

speaking of which...

i was off at snow farm in massachusetts
for two lovely weeks.

oh the textures...

it's summer camp
for grownups (well...'grownups')
without all that pesky
sports stuff.
just the arts and crafts.

i took one workshop in PMC - precious metal clay -
in this case silver metal clay. great teacher -
terry kovalcik
- and fascinating - though expensive - medium.

one of my first artifacts.

the second week was glass beads with cynthia saari
whose work is exquisite.
terrific class. (photos to come)


  1. i look forward to each new post. you have a special eye for life. i feel a bit renewed after i've stopped here to visit. oh man, love the precious metal clay work! i'd like to learn more- where should i go?

  2. What about - free? What about you do 'life?' You live. You photograph. You breathe. Why is everyone all het up about us 'being' something? Isn't just being enough? ;-) Hmm - I'm sure we could make up some fabulous titles for you now you're not confined to an office.
    Life expert. Freelance champagne taster ... speaking of - there's a bottle here for you.

  3. PMC artifact looks good. Retired? What do I do? I get up in the morning and I have nothing to do. When I go to bed at night I've only done half of it.


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