Thursday, June 24, 2010

it's too darn hot

but enough about the weather.
it was too interesting a day
to be bothered by
100% humidity and 90 degrees.

at the bus stop
at the corner of houston and
sixth avenue this morning:
a pile of pennies.
seven of them.
i rearranged them thus:

wondering whether i was being observed.
wondering whether this was someone's
project: sociological? artistic?

the bus rounded the corner and without
further debate i took the pennies.

was this wrong?

later i walked into a gallery
to see a fairfield porter show
i hadn't intended to see today.
the only other person
in the gallery
was a friend of a friend.
today is the birthday of our mutual friend.

i never know what to do with synchronicity.

i went to a couple of galleries
showing work by richard diebenkorn...moving, inspiring...
one at greenberg van doren
and another at leslie feely

it's been an art week.
museums and galleries are air conditioned...

yesterday i visited the new museum
on the bowery
for the first time
to see
rivane neuenschwander: a day like any other.

the lobby installation, i wish your wish,
is a room of wishes printed on colored ribbons -
a kind of linear maypole.
tie a ribbon to your wrist
and when it falls off
your wish is meant to come true.

you can participate online here.

the lighting in the museum
gave me a headache.
i think "green"
(i.e. environmentally friendly)
lighting gives me a headache.

the bowery isn't, anymore,
what it was. think
gentrification and whole foods.

though there are still restaurant supply
warehouses that display characters
of various types
for reasons that defy reason...


  1. i so enjoy your posts and photos - the contrast between my world and yours is sweet. i enjoyed the galleries i visited last june in nyc and look forward to seeing some of the one's you've shared in this post if i make it there in september, won't be so darn hot.

  2. You mean you just took off with someone's guerilla art project ??? hahahahaha! I think I'm going to enjoy your posts even more than before Miss Magpie! Full of wonderful anecotes about a city I won't see for a while.


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