Tuesday, June 29, 2010

more wishes, more pennies...

after the Rivane Neuenschwander show at the New Museum
with it's ribbon wishes (see previous post)
now the Modern
(aka MoMA but always The Modern to me)
gets into the act.
The garden is home to Yoko Ono's wish tree,
part of the Contemporary Art from the Collection

elsewhere in the garden
a more traditional way of wishing
yields to the impulse
to order/create


  1. You just knew you needed those pennies for something didn't you ;-) They were put in front of you for a reason. Looking forward to more Magpie. Let the transition happen - naturally. Have faith!

  2. You are so lucky to be there in NYC and can go to MoMA whenever you can. My son who used to work for Jeff Koons recently moved from Brooklyn to be closer to Columbia University because he has been accepted to their MFA 2 year masters program -- there were 1100 applicants and the professors narrowed them down to 24 and Matt will be one of the 9 painters they chose. we are so excited and proud- I hope to visit him and Columbia U. some time next year.


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