Sunday, July 18, 2010


the paris scenes from the tv trailer
seduced me. i wanted to be astonished.

i've been a fan of director christopher nolan since 'memento'
and was delighted with his reboot of the batman franchise

in a post 'lost' world, in the midst of
a set of record breaking heat waves i was prepared
to enter the darkened chill of the imax theater,
lean back, dip into the popcorn and love the
"film of the summer".

because, although i read nothing about it,
in media saturated 2010 word gets in and
i knew that inception was set to single handedly
resurrect the summer box office.

here be spoilers but not many:

i knew that it was
about entering other people's dreams.

i was prepared to love inception.
i loved aspects of inception.

the visuals are stunning in a literal sense.
they hit you where you're most vulnerable:
in the imagination. if, as the script tells us,
nothing is more viral than an idea,
the idea of the film - that one can enter
other people's dreams and steal
from them - is exquisite.

most of the effects are real, not added in post production
which makes them that much more delightful
and the performances more than live up to the effects.

it's the story that lets them down.

a film that aspires to, borrows from and alludes to
masterpieces including but not limited to
'2001 a space odyssey', 'the matrix' and 'blade runner'
wants to be a game changer. inception is a beautiful
movie with the kernel of an ingenious idea that is, at heart,
a caper movie about corporate espionage.

the best recent movie in that genre - a movie that
wasn't just about stealing a formula, is tony gilroy's
'duplicity' which, by not pretending to be more, was.
with humor.

inception lacks humor. the only deliberately amusing moment i
recall involves a line pretty much borrowed from crocodile dundee

i applaud the achievement of inception while
wishing it was more satisfying.
it's worth seeing for many reasons, not least
the poignant face of marion cotillard.

the set pieces are brilliant although the
james bondian snow segment
went on far too long.

oh my. i just realized that
it snowed in the dream i had last night...

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  1. I too enjoyed 'memento' and i hope to see inception...

    i hope you enjoyed the snow ;)


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