Tuesday, August 17, 2010

big bambu

to climb the starn brothers 'big bambu' -
the ongoing rooftop installation
at the metropolitan museum -
there are guidelines

the most frustrating: carry nothing.
no cameras, no cellphones.
so no shots from on high, from the
platform fifty feet above the roof where
the breeze ruffles the bamboo leaves.

the view from above is a joy, the construction a marvel.
rock climbers are lashing, tying, weaving the bamboo together with
miles of colorful nylon rope in a tangle of organized chaos.

the construction is ongoing
and will continue until october 31,
the last day of the exhibition.

these were shot from the roof itself.


  1. the big bambu looks fascinating! i hope that i can get to NY in time to see it!

  2. I haven't been to see and climb this yet, but seeing from inside the park looking up is pretty amazing. Glad you let us know that no cameras are allowed up there...I will be less frustrated knowing that in advance!


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