Tuesday, August 31, 2010


(with apologies to petula clark)

when i'm alone
and heat is making me woozy
i can always go...downtown

actually i live downtown
but a mile further south
and it's cool and breezy
in the shade
at battery park city.

and in the crystal palace
of the world financial center
it's downright chilly.

facing east toward the hudson

facing west toward ground zero

and from the very end of the island
the ferry to staten island
is free

there's a wonderful tibetan museum
on staten island
that isn't open on mondays.

stay tuned. it's on my list


  1. wow, love those first two photos. i get such a sense of you...your photos of this area are personal and from your POV. i look forward to each of your posts.

  2. I love seeing the city through your eyes and your lense.


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