Friday, September 10, 2010

autumn in new york...

the u.s. open, clear blue skies,
a sad anniversary and
a bit of frivolity known as fashion week.

ahh, fashion week...

i beg your pardon...
mercedes benz fashion week
thank you very much.

when a neighborhood is rebranded...

when gawkers
outnumber wannabes
and wannabes outnumber

the peaked white tents have migrated
from Bryant Park, where they disrupted
midtown twice a year
and resettled at Lincoln Center.

it seems a good match.
there's more space for fashion people
and the paparazzi who love them.

the monolith seems like lincoln center marble
and tapers down to a strange little bra and... skirt?

on close examination it's something monolithic
wrapped in cloth printed with marble. convincing though.

martha "i tweet therefore i am" stewart

someone named poppy according to the paparazzi

serious shoes everywhere

and any old blogger with
an iphone can catch karl lagerfeld

ahh autumn.


  1. thanks for sharing a bit of the the bra!!! (or whatever it is)

  2. letting you know i come here to see the city through your eyes. thank you!


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