Sunday, November 7, 2010

snow farm rainbow

a couple of times a year
i go to snow farm
in williamsburg massachusetts
where the seasons seem more tangible,
where grown-ups
(and those of us who never really grew up)
can create and play in many media.
i make glass beads
and photographs.
what do you want to do?

(there are more photographs from this
and other seasons at my photo website


  1. Gorgeous rainbow! And I love seeing these shots all together like this. The colors are so earthy and appealing.

    What do I want to do? Take an Anatomy and Physiology class at GCC this coming semester! Fingers crossed I can find some way to make this work...

  2. when i need to settle down and feel a glow, i come to your website. love that rainbow! i want to learn to do videopoems. not the craft of, but the art of.

    i'm off to check your other website.


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