Tuesday, November 16, 2010

on line

the upcoming exhibition 'on line'
at the museum of modern art
(november 21, 2010 - february 7, 2011)
is a terrific show
examining and redefining the idea of
"drawing" as it moves beyond the page
to occupy both space and time.

they had me at
double o by zilninas kempinas
the first thing you see when you
enter the galleries on the main floor...

the show is on the sixth floor
and includes
artists i adore, notably
agnes martin - though only a single painting!
cy twombly (also but one)
and a handful
of exquisite collages by
kurt schwitters.

icons are well represented...

joan miro (detail)

alexander calder

pablo picasso

ellsworth kelly

as are artists i had never encountered:

ranjani shattar: just a bit more (detail)
an installation at the opening of the exhibition
of multiple layers and infinite delight

jacques de la villegle

in combination with the blockbuster
abstract expressionism show
MoMA is a banquet this season.

1 comment:

  1. double OO.....amazing! i must get to NY soon to get some inspiration!


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