Thursday, December 2, 2010

chelsea morning part three: kristen morgin

kristen morgin's solo show at
zach feuer had me at the first ceramic cup
on the ledge as you enter the gallery.
the virgin of guadalupe is one
of a series of iconic images on these
amorphous vessels that include cartoon
and comic book characters

working primary in clay, wood and wire
morgin duplicates fragile ephemera
- comic books,
pulp paperbacks, post cards,
children's drawings, board games -
elevating them beyond nostalgia
into the talismanic.

there are a number of larger scale works
including these deconstructed toy horses

and several similarly deteriorating cars.
it is the small pieces that sing to me, though.
they arrest the effects of time
preserving something essential of the past.

the show is up until december 18. go


  1. LOVE these. Oh I miss Chelsea. Last time I was there it was January and about 10 degrees, wind whipping...but it was still wonderful.

  2. I saw this show and was really taken by her work.


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