Friday, December 3, 2010

collage encore


dotscreen green
these pieces were torn from this already
deconstructed wall on varick street..

this work in progress includes fragments
from a drawing (below) i made as a child,
scanned, enlarged and printed in grays.

this is an unfinished triptych (inside and out)



  1. judy, i really like the triptych, specifically the texture, the type and the two triangular pieces on the "inside". the piece of gauze that drapes from the inside, and is visible from the "outside" is very nice, and the small splotch of red is beautiful!
    i enjoy seeing what you are creating.

  2. What a great series of artworks here. And such a clever idea to use your childhood drawing in a present day piece.

  3. I am also quite behind in blogging and the blog world as I have been away on a trip to visit my family in Hawaii and then home to snow and Thanksgiving and now shopping and xmas decorating..but have tell you how much I love all these collages.


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