Friday, December 10, 2010

greatest hits : part one

until last year
i made seasonal cards.
for, like, forty years.
skylines, snow and birds
were favored themes.

here are a few
in no particular order...

chrysler building metamorphosis

patzcuaro angel
(click on the image to read the poem)

silk painting skyline

peace on earth

(click on the image to read the poem)

santa fe snow

this was from my baseball obsession period.
inside it says "off-season's greetings!")

needlepoint skyline

more tomorrow


  1. how beautiful and truly unique way to welcome the holiday season and a new year!

  2. These are fantastic, you know I have a soft spot for anything NY skyline. The silk painting is amazing!

  3. These are breathtaking!
    I've only been brave enough to do annual rubber-stamped cards for the holidays.


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