Wednesday, January 19, 2011

9. organized (???) chaos

last night my mother asked me
what i'd been doing all day
and i told here i was making art.

"there's an art to
cleaning, you know"
was her response.

it is to laugh.

there is no shortage of
chaos in my apartment
and none of it is organized...

here's my computer desk -
the technique meant to complement
the chaos...

and this is the top of my
"dining" table. ha!
really just one side of the
table. the sewing machine
and associated paraphernalia
resides on the other side

i think adding the wacky yet
mellow color
organizes it rather nicely...

what do you think?


  1. My favorite cleaning tool? Cans of compressed air and to hell with the environment. Those suckers make it look like you really DID dust.

  2. That is such a mom thing to say!

  3. The art of living life well involves cleaning when you need to and not a moment sooner! It's nice to have things clean and organized once in a while, but there are sure a lot more fun things to do. Spoken as a mom.

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  5. A little color turns a menacing chaos into a nifty, "clean" steal life. There is an art to cleaning.

  6. Very nice poem, and I actually like chaos on my desks... shows that there's 'LIFE' in it.
    Love the sketches

  7. A creative mind at work is a much better way of your sketches!


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