Monday, January 24, 2011

at my mom's

my mom has a bad cold
so i'm hanging out with her
making food and pharmacy runs
and trying to force her
to down massive quantities
of liquid
much as she did for me
when i was a kid.

i've been sketching
but have no way to scan the images.
instead i've photographed some of her
clay figures with my iphone.
she made these at a difficult time
and they served as a kind of therapy.

they never cease to amaze me
especially the last - the bag lady...


  1. Woah, those have some life in them, do they not?
    I hope your mom feels better soon. Fresh ginger tea with cinnamon and a pinch of coriander worked incredibly well for me just last week.

  2. Wow ! I've known your mother forever but who woulda thought ??? Seriously,I'm very impressed - Kudos are in order.

  3. wow these are great, I particularly like the last few. Hope your mum feels better, I always like lemonade done in the microwave for 1 minute, dont know if it works but I like the bubbles exploding on my tongue and only have it when not well, I think it does help

  4. They're really expressive. Love them! Especially the lady with the ducks.

  5. These are really great. I love the feel of them.

  6. Looks like each of these has a story to tell.
    Talent runs in the family! Hope your mom feels better soon.

  7. Wow, what treasurers! You know, the longer I look at the bag lady, the sadder I feel - I want to pick her up and tell her it will be alright; and the little figurines make me think of little singing angels, all lined up. Thanks for sharing these and feel better soon. You're a good daughter, Magpie!

  8. Just beautiful! Congratulations
    Hope your mom feels very good as soon as possible.

  9. these are so lovely. thanks for posting them!

  10. Fantastic! I love the last one, so much emotion! This must be where you got your talent for three dimensional art!

  11. Oh, forgot to say that I hope she is feeling well soon!

  12. Very charming figures. Clay can be so wonderful to work with and can create such evocative images. :-) I agree...hope she feels better soon.


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