Wednesday, January 5, 2011

little steps

i was beginning to sketch
from the list of "assignments"
inspired by danny gregory and
the everyday matters list at yahoo.
one of my unspoken resolutions:
draw more.

first on the list "draw a shoe"
these, my baby shoes, have resided
for years on one or another bookshelf
among my souvenirs.
the drawings were okay -
line sketches, rusty technique -
nothing worth posting.
yet the texture of these artifacts
was so rich
i turned to my medium of choice...


  1. I Love DG.
    I loved these photos. Though I'd still love to see your drawings.
    Sweet shoes.
    Such tenderness and longing in the photos.

  2. forget drawing. go with your medium of choice. these are incredibly beautiful.

  3. I love what you do with an iPhone...

  4. actually most of these were taken with an
    actual camera and processed using photoshop
    on the computer.

    i know - surprised me too.
    when i use it the camera i keep trying to email the images and use apps...


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