Sunday, January 16, 2011

number 6. a favorite object

next in the series of everyday matters drawing challenges...

i used to collect small trinkets as souvenirs
of my travels. i'd return home, eagerly
unwrap them and place them on my shelves,
occasionally notice them and (rarely) dust them.

i don't remember when i decided to forgo the multiple
small souvenirs - easy to transport but somehow
unsatisfying - in favor of challenging, large,
meaningful objets .

purchased in patzcuaro, mexico during a
dias de los muertos celebration when
craftspeople from the nearby villages convene
in the square, this candelabra was a no-brainer.
inexpensive enough that if it had shattered in transit
it would have been only a small investment and
so exquisite that i had to make an effort to
bring it home.

i upped the ante with this remarkable bowl from
fez in morocco. i had brought home a small plate
and an amazing rug from my first visit but when
i found this bowl - nearly fifteen inches across,
weighing in at six pounds - i couldn't walk away
from it. It looks especially wonderful filled with
dozens of clementines and sits on my console table
reminding me every day of a wonderful trip.


  1. These are intricate and beautiful!

  2. Beautiful drawings, glad you had room in your suitcase!

  3. Great sketches, love the candelabra!!

  4. Lurve your portrayals of them… Sigh, could it be that I am back to blogging? Probably only for brief stints at a time. But how nice to catch up fleetingly :)

  5. The details of the subjects are awesome!

  6. Both of these are really good, but I love the candelabra! Wonderful tones and details!


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