Thursday, January 20, 2011

playing with texture

in terms of my photography i'm kind of a purist.

with the (fairly major, agreed) exception
of hipstamatic on my iphone
i like my photographs, free of all but
minor manipulation in photoshop, to speak for themselves.

(they whisper and shout here please have a look)

still, the prospect of a free tutorial in textures
at kim klassen's cafe had me at, well, free.

i took this photo yesterday
for no other reason than
to draw the umbrella...

playing with it using the textures kim provides
it morphed into something that's starting to interest me...

check out the other tutorials and workshops on kim's terrific site


  1. When ideas come spilling out when seeing a great blog then I know I am in trouble. The combination of travel, art, photography, and words make my heart sing. Love what you are doing here! Thanks for the link to Kim Klassen. Like you I Photoshop to enhance but stay as close to the original as possible, however I have come to value it as another tool to create things entirely new of which I don't pretend it's a 'good photo', like your picture above, which after photoshopping became something entirely new.

  2. What a wonderful drawing of that umbrella! You did a fantastic job with all the folds and wrinkles! nancy

  3. what a sweet post...and totally fab image... wow!! wonderful.. truly!

    xxo, Kim

  4. I've just discovered your site, which I love. I took a look at your Grids for a Year and am bowled over by the gorgeous colours and artistry. Totally inspiring and I will definitely go back for a enjoyable look visit as soon as time allows.

  5. This does make it interesting!


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