Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a couple of sketches

everyday matters
16. a favorite tool: the iphone.

indispensable. irresistible.
the ne plus ultra.

until i get an ipad...

and 21. something old/antique/vintage

old turquoise and shell heishi necklace


  1. These are wonderful! I think I used to have that necklace . . . so lovely!

  2. Love the drawings - especially the necklace and the shadows that you added.

  3. Beautiful work..---I skip all over the place on the challenges---sometimes I do what I want and then go find a challenge it fits---this all makes challenges more fun for me..

  4. I am scared that if I buy an iPhone that I will fall in love. I really like the boldness of your drawings. Actually, yes iPhone or no iPhone really isn't a decision I have to make because I am going walkabout for months and am looking at investing in an international cell. Pretty, pretty drawing of the necklace. Turquoise is such a timeless kind of stone.

  5. Your necklace looks quite nice on my ipad!
    I really like this sketch, you managed to bring character to it.
    xoxo Kim

  6. I love the necklace colours, shadows and shapes. I also love your drawing of your iphone, I have an ipod but no ipad.

  7. Great sketch of the necklace! Lovely colors!

  8. Lovely sketches! I really like the necklace ^^

  9. I got an iPhone for Christmas-- and I love it though I have not tried to figure the camera part of it yet like you have-- my son got an iPad and now I want one of those :-)

  10. I love the drawings you have been doing. And that necklace is a favorite. Great coloring.

  11. Great sketches, and I had a look at your photography site too which is a feast for the eyes.


  12. The i-phone --yes yes
    such fun and those photo apps!
    will see you when we get back from Maroc
    with lots of photos....!


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