Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the dry desert air...

of the anza borrego desert
in these images
just scanned from 1999 negatives
warms me. i can almost smell
the creosote...

scanning on a flatbed isn't the best
but it's what i have - fast and dirty.
if/when i want to print any of these i'll
probably rescan and clean them up.


  1. beautiful photos judy. i really love the abstracts.
    wish i were there. winter is wearing me down!

  2. Looks a lot like home to me.
    Doing a little better, I take it?

  3. We just moved to the desert doing the snowbird thing. The first time I smelled the creosote bushes after a rain when we were driving, I actually stopped the car to check it because i thought there was an electrical problem. i do love the smell though once I realized my car wasn't burning!
    Nice photos.
    xoxo Km


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