Tuesday, February 8, 2011

outdoors for twenty minutes

fresh air - what a concept.
it was 'warm' today -
warm for this winter. 42 degrees.
back below freezing tomorrow so i went
to the "backyard" of my apartment building
and drew some of the dead plants
and furniture in the snow.

it felt good being out after so long

and took some photographs.


  1. I love the lawn furniture with the snow sketch and your photos evoke the possibility of spring.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog too.
    xoxo Kim

  2. Bracing fresh air can clear the befuddled brain of those with a cold and your drawing proves it. In Dutch we say: "bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan", which means if you like doing something, you WILL do it, and you clearly love what you do. Still looking at your travel pictures. Really good stuff.

  3. "Warm" is all relative isn't it? I thought it was warm yesterday too. My Aussie thermometer has been corrupted.

  4. I think your pen lines are crisp and clean - great sketches!

  5. I really like these sketches, you get across the feeling of a winter garden very well. Like the photos too!

  6. You said it! Almost opened all the windows myself. NO snow here though. T-shirts for all

  7. I love the line drawings. Isn't it nice to get outside for a bit?

  8. Lovely sketch of the furniture and I like the composition in that last photo!

  9. Lovely work - and great photos too. I'm really drawn to that excellent vertical shot of brown leaves, 2nd to bottom. Love it!


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