Tuesday, February 22, 2011

yet more snow

2011 is now #3
on the all time
new york city
snow totals list...
and counting

(through a dirty window at the metropolitan museum)


  1. i think everyone has just about had it with snow this year!!!! but i see you still got out and made some lovely photos!!

  2. Oh no! That's incredible. I think it's become common place - they aren't even reporting it in the rest of the world. How sad for you. If it makes you feel any better, it's wretchedly cold where I am...

    Congrats on the OWOH wins! Yippee!

    And at least you have the Met (even if you have to trudge through the snow to get there).

  3. I resolutely refuse to clean my windows in the vain hope that it will snow here and that I will be able to take some really cool shots like you. Does that sound like a good enough excuse not to do housework? I'm sticking to it anyway.

    Have a roll in the snow for me and make a snow angel. I will send you wishes from my end.


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