Saturday, March 12, 2011

at the jewish museum

the jewish museum often offers the unusual and eclectic and the current exhibitions are no exception. if you can't make it to the museum, the website is a terrific resource.

it was opening day at the maira kalman exhibition, an exquisite show of the work of this idiosyncratic artist whose drawings, paintings, books, installations and collections are captivating.

a box of mosses. kalman is a collector of,
seemingly, any and all things.

a branch and a pomegranate.

houdini: art and magic explores the magician's life and his influence to this day. In addition the tools of his trade, the show includes contemporary work by artists inspired by the man and the legend.

the website is exeptionally comprehensive for this show,
offering photos, videos and audio commentary on many of the objects on display.

i was fascinated with the hardware.


  1. I like your sketches - the spare way you use your pen. I especially like the box of mosses and the mastadon lock. Thank you for your link. I had not heard of Maira Kalman, but feel sort of a kinship with her after viewing her Sunny Day at the Park, which seems something like what I do.

  2. I've been a huge fan of Maira since I first found her column in the newspaper (no longer exists, and I don't remember which paper), where she wrote up her thoughts on her paintings. I was sad when they announced she had done her last.

    Wonderful sketches!

  3. Yup - when will they put your sketches in there along with the other exhibits??? Wonderful stuff Magpie :)

  4. I saw Maira Kalman's show out here in S.F. last fall and then heard her in conversation with Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket) one evening. With their senses of humor, putting them together was brilliant. She insisted that she has no imagination and that she only draws what is right in front of her, however, she looks at the world in such a wonderfully creative way. I always feel joy when I look at her work, and yours, too. Nice sketches!

  5. Great sketches and a fantastic and creative way to let us know about these exhibits!


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