Wednesday, March 16, 2011

busy day

first to the eye doctor
whom i've been seeing for nearly 20 years
who checks to make sure the thing on my retina
hasn't grown. mazel tov to me:
it hasn't grown in twenty years.

metropolitan lobby

then to the metropolitan museum
where i wandered with no goal
which is a terrific way to see the met.
these were some of my favorite things:

the color of the walls had
a lot to do with loving this

fooled ya.

this was on the street and
looked beautiful.
you can see beauty in
after looking at beautiful things
all morning.

the fabrics and fashion
of sonia delaunay are featured
at the cooper hewitt museum

blurred i know
but i love the colors

beachwear, 1928

i never pass up the opportunity
to capture calla lilies.


  1. Yum - all of it, the color behind the buddha head, the shovel, the blurred, the nostalgic and mazeltov on the retina. Sounds like today was a day for visual celebration.

  2. glad your eyesight is still good.....where would we be without vision?
    i can't imagine not being able to see colors, art and architecture, even the street sights! soon it will be the botanic gardens and all of the azaleas in bloom. ENJOY!!!


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