Thursday, March 31, 2011


i've never been a fan of
using photoshop to trick out my
work with lots of
bells and whistles.
purist that i am, i like my photographs
to stand on their merits.

that said, i'm having an awful lot of
fun with lost aussie's digital magic class
which is showing me some of the
the ins of out of photoshop elements.

and, let's face it, scannning a bunch of flowers,
no matter how effective the image,
is kind of gimmicky
to begin with, right?

the script is from a ledger book courtesy of digital magic,
textures from kim klassen and


  1. Nice work ! :-)
    I like each interpretation for different reasons.

  2. Oh sweet. I think I like the first and last the best. I would hang a print of that in my house.

  3. never say never

    keep having fun with it all

  4. so fun to see the images in a different perspective.

  5. I think both are legitimate. I have a difficult time doing the manipulation as well. Most times, I try very hard to get the shot to look just like it does in my mind's eye, and that's using photography as the medium. I think the manipulation is simply a different medium where the photography becomes a minor tool, like a flash is for photography-medium art.

  6. scanning flowers… not one I would've thought of. Looks like you're having fun playing around with them though :-)

  7. I always thought I preferred the "au natural" image, that is, until I learned PSE! ;-)

  8. What a difference a layer of texture makes!
    You must be having fun - if you aren't it doesn't show!!


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