Friday, April 8, 2011

back again, fingers crossed

preston singletary uses the traditional
iconography and mythology of his
tlingit heritage to transform glass.

these drawings were made at his exhbition at the
national museum of the american indian in new york.
it proved impossible for me to capture the look
of these objects as glass.

many of the pieces from this
exhibition can be viewed on his website


  1. Lovely sketches =) Very artistic indeed

  2. Your sketches are brilliant, and thanks for posting the link to the exhibition: beautiful pieces aren't they?

  3. Now you're showing designs I recognize! I read a book last year based on the Victoria Artist, Emily Carr who studied and painted the native ingit art and totem poles on Vancouver Island and there bouts. I love their use of symbols and icons. Thanks for the link to Singletary - He has some great glass.

  4. Looks like it was a very inspiring place to draw! Your pages are wonderful!


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