Tuesday, April 26, 2011

torn series

if you've read my blog
for any time at all
you know my predilection for
walls embellished with torn

yesterday i came upon an
especially delicious one, shot it
with the iPhone and returned today
to try to do it justice with the canon.

i appropriated
some of the paper for future collage
purposes but i don't think i can do
anywhere near as well as the elements.


  1. LOVE it!! I, too, love those torn shreds that somehow remain on walls and buildings. anything with text is attractive to me.

  2. Did you ever watch the series ROME on HBO? I loved the opening credits because there was this yellow wall, with lots of weathering and layers and layers of other colors and drawings and bits and pieces. This is what I think of when I look at your photos....that wall. I wanted that wall in the worst way. It did occur to me that "wall envy" was odd, even for me!

    GREAT photos!

  3. Oh, yum with all those photos - I want all of them for my own collages. And being able to use the word "predilection" in a blog post ! Three stars for that! I hope you are surviving the NY heat!


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