Sunday, April 24, 2011


i went walkabout
in the neighborhood
on friday.
loved the street art.
not so much the work at the
new museum.

i have never seen so polite an entreaty
against the posting of grafitti

(okay, it's not about grafitti
it's also not very effective...)

the above image is the reflection of the
work of george condo at the new museum.
i preferred the reflection.
above that is a view through the window
in one of the stairwells.
liked that best of all.

this may be my all time favorite post no bills sign


  1. Thanks for the great walk! I can not get over how much I love your photography.

  2. I smile when I see "Post No Bills" with an image of Bill Murray below it.

  3. I love that reflection image. So soft and serene. Great capture!


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