Wednesday, May 25, 2011

back to battery park city

i've missed a few weeks of sketching
down at battery park city
which started in early may and i was pretty
rusty this afternoon sketching
our model estelle -
these are the best of a mediocre lot...

one minute warmup

i like this detail

not great but i do like the foreshortening of the legs

the coolest thing is that a sketch
i did last year is being used on the
handout posted and mailed to advertise the class.
it was supposed to have my name on it
but doesn't. maybe the next batch.

not sure that 'adult art' is the right headline
but i don't write 'em folks.


  1. I agree it was a strange title to use for sketching sessions. Ha! You might get all sorts of interesting types turning up in raincoats. What a great programme though.

    Must be a thrill to have your old sketch on the flyers. Hope you had a dig about them accrediting it correctly. Love your sketches here. Perspective is really nice.

  2. I like seeing the model and your drawings - maybe soon I'll get there!!

  3. Nice sketches - I love the second one where you've captured the weight being placed on the arm perfectly. And congrats on the flier - let's hope the next print run credits your sketch.

  4. That is fantastic, I love these.

  5. What a thrill to see your sketch on that pamphlet. As for the lack of credit, I hope it was an oversight and not a blatant omission. Adult Art? At least the model is clothed so it doesn't lend to anyone's possibly perverted imagination. Nice lines in these sketches, by the way. I like the gestural quality, I especially love the knee in the third one.

  6. Your line work is absolutely fantastic!
    I hope they put your name on the next set...
    (I had to laugh a little about "Adult Art")

  7. You just blow me away! I wish I could sketch like you. What gives me a giggle though is that my French friends are all taking 'nude' sketching classes. So nice to see the fall of fabric ;-) xxx


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