Monday, May 16, 2011


jillysygirl has posted a childhood challenge
with very few guidelines or parameters.
my long term scanning project unearthed images
of me that i can only relate to as a stranger.

i do not remember being
this child, having this
photograph taken.
i cannot recall the peasant blouse.

they are decidedly my eyes
looking out from that
tilted face, my younger,
fuller lips.
yet whatever else i
could say
would be fiction.


  1. i have a few photos of my younger self where i think the same thing...or if i think i'm actually remembering, it's only because my mother has told me the story that goes with the photo....but i don't really have it lodged as a memory.

  2. well, remembered or not, it's a very sweet photo of the young you! Thanks for joining in!

  3. just realized...the badge is missing. ;-)

  4. Fantastic photo. I'll have to check out JillsyGirl's challenge.

  5. sweet pic! you're so cute. all my childhood pics makes me looked like a boy.

    have a sweet day.


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