Wednesday, May 18, 2011

savage beauty

no photographs allowed

i preface this by saying that i have never been
a fan of the metropolitan museum's costume institute -
mannequins wearing garments, no matter how exquisite or
historically relevant do not move me.

the alexander mcqueen show at the costume institute
is truly spectacular.

i'd seen photographs of his clothing, of course,
clips from his shows. and lady gaga has shown
them to advantage. (the silver dress and silver
armadillo shoes from 'bad romance' are here)
but these did not prepare me for the visceral response
his work calls up - more than even couture, his work is
sculpture in the form of body covering.

the show is open until july 31.
it will always be crowded.
go first thing in the morning if you can
or brave the crowds if you must -
but go.
these are masterpieces.


  1. Closest I will get are photos of the new Duchess of Cambridge's wedding gown which was not even designed by McQueen himself! Sigh - love the 'savage' photo (photo sauvage) too :)

  2. i soooo want the book of the same name - i love his stuff!
    love your photo too :)

  3. I think you would have like the Nick Cave exhibit that I just saw at Seattle Art Museum. If you're not familiar with his work give it a google.
    The artist not the musician. Fantastic creations, costumery of found objects.
    xoxo Kim


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