Saturday, June 11, 2011

life intrudes...

...and the internet takes a back seat.

if you've been here before you know that i don't often overtly interject my personal life, preferring to allow my photographs and wanderings to speak for me. now, though i feel the need to share a bit - forgive me if it's tmi...

my mom, who turned 97 two weeks ago, was just diagnosed with wet macular degeneration in one eye - the other is blurry from cataracts which will be operated when this situation stabilizes. reading is her passion, her pastime, her retreat and not being able to read her beloved New Yorker magazine is depressing beyond even the treatment which involves a shot in the eye to deliver medication. she's a total technophobe but my latest idea is to introduce her to the idea of the newest nook - you can enlarge the type and you can subscribe to the New Yorker. but this is a woman, though strong of intellect, who has never used an atm machine much less a computer. wish me luck.

i guess that's the gist of this post: wish us luck. i'm an only child and my mom stubbornly still lives on her own.

comments appreciated, empathy even more.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom's eyes. and I have the same only child, elderly mother, stresses so you know I empathize greatly. I think the e-readers should be perfect for just this type of problem for both lighting and font size. Could you somehow figure out how to keep her in magazines and books? Is there free wi-fi near her apt that may make your weekly visit a time to replenish her reader? Just a thought.

  2. Well, I would like to capitalize my response but I don't want to scare you away (from your own blog no less!) but...OH MY GOODNESS. First, what an accomplishment to be turning 97 WITH intellect in tact. Oh, but the body does break down somewhere. I like the above idea about increasing font size. Can you spring for an ebook (not even sure what the technical term for it is - Kindle? um...) or an iPad (I think that's the right term) where she could enlarge the font? I'm sure you have thought of all of this already but just thought I would jump in.

  3. How tough for you both!
    Good luck with the Nook idea and sending you some warm fuzzies (and empathy!). xox

  4. Oh no. I'm so sorry you're struggling with her on this. Possibly an ordinary cd player or mp3 player, audio books from the library to try it out or if the mp3 player is do-able. My mother couldn't handle the techno of a computer but she could manage the Play-Stop buttons on a cd player once we put bright red and green "stop/go" tape on them.

  5. How frustrating -- for her not to be able to do what she loves as she's always done it, and for you, working to help her.....

    I believe reading electronic versions of books/mags is the way of the future. Aging eyes, needing bigger print (and easier-to-read fonts?) will drive the already-lively trend...... I can't comfortably read magazines at night anymore. The print is too small in most of them........

    I know people who love their kindles; I surely hope this works for your mom!

    At least the New Yorker is b&w -- not sure how well color works in any of the ereaders.........

  6. hi judy,
    i hope your mother is receptive to the idea of a book reader. this sounds like a great solution to the problem. and the audible books would work, but doesn't quite give the same pleasure, i think.
    my mother is 88 and going through a few minor aging experiences...very frustrating for both of us, but we are all strong women with immense determination.
    i am spending the summer at the lake near my mom and don't have daily internet connection so got behind in checking your blog posts. as i said, i hope things are going well for you and your mom.
    keep us posted on her progress.

  7. i hope i'm not too late with empathy! i come to your blog to revive. your mom! what a blessing you two are close. i have had to have the eye injections (and after 3 of them my eyes improved greatly). i read on a kindle and appreciate the lack of glare/light and the ability to make the fonts bigger and the lines spread further apart. hopefully the injections will help (and they are not painful, just weird). sending good vibes from montana your way...



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