Sunday, June 19, 2011

the lure of craft

it's a good day at a crafts fair
when i discover a new artisan.
today i discovered two -
an excellent day indeed.

it was a delightful surprise to find
the booth of fiona de jardin a lampworker,
among the more familiar offerings at lincoln center.

she's taken classes with some
of my bead idols - caitlin hyde
and kristina logan - but her style
is her own and her sense of color and design is gorgeous.

makes me long for the flame...

i tend to scan and quickly bypass the jewelry
booths. in no universe could i be said to 'need'
more jewelry. coupled with the price of
precious metals these days i try not to covet
what i don't need. the booth of jennifer walsh
lured me in with exquisite stones in beautiful, simple
settings. i was prepared to merely admire but this ring -
(the photo doesn't do it justice)
its east-west setting and calligraphic lines in picasso jasper -
seemed to feel it belonged on my second finger.

i'm sorry i didn't photograph more of the work of these two
artisans and hope to see them again at other fairs.
you can check out their work by clicking their names above.

1 comment:

  1. Hard to resist, isn't it. But then really, why not succumb! Well done you. IT's gorgeous. A calligraphic ring is surely an asset as well as a masterpiece :)


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