Friday, July 22, 2011

bye bye borders

the closing of a bookstore,
small or large, is a tragedy.
the closing of the borders at
penn plaza - seventh avenue and
33rd street - feels personal.

before work, to relax and
read the paper, i went to the
cafe. at the window overlooking
seventh avenue i watched the weather:
umbrellas in the rain, snow falling on concrete.
the seasons changed on billboards.

i schmoozed with shannon
who worked full time and studied in the evening until
she left to pursue her vocation at a salon uptown,
sherry who is writing her thesis,
jason who became the father of twins.

i sketched, met friends, overheard conversations

we saw it coming. amazon. the nook and kindle.
the price of paper. it's a sort of progress.

i hate change. i'll find another place
for morning coffee and reflection
but the borders cafe was special.


  1. I have spent most of my life in Ann Arbor. Borders is our local bookstore. We are beyond sad at what has happened, as we watch people we have known for decades lose their jobs, along with all of us losing that wonderful place to hang out and fondle books.

    So ironic -- a cutting-edge use of computers for inventory, back in the day, was one of the things that lead to Borders' success. Then they utterly missed the on-line bookselling business, and the ebook business......

    Of course the Borders brothers were long gone before those two technological shifts.

    I'm sure this is a terrible time to be in the printed-book business.

    I'll miss Borders!

  2. Been there, done that, seen you! I dread the day B&N goes they continue to push e-books. But worse than that, how will our libraries survive?

  3. The closing of Borders is also quite personal to us too... My oldest son worked at Borders for 5 years -full time with benefits (he had a degree in History and a love for books). His store closed in April and because he only received $166 a week in unemployment he had to move back in with us - how do you even pay rent on $166 a week??? anyway, he finally just recently found a new full time job at a wonderful used book store and also recently found a new apartment... so we were very upset for awhile about Borders closing as well.. as well as missing the cozy coffee/tea part as it was a big store but still cozy and warm.

  4. It's sacrilege to close a bookstore/cafe/meeting place. I guess you have a point though, the kindle, the kobo (perhaps that is only Canadian?). I still love the feel of paper in my hands though and an outing for a coffee. Alas.

  5. It's sad to lose even one bookstore; I'm really going to miss our Borders... :(

  6. thanks for the poem, we may be (soon!) gone, but hopefully not forgotten...

    thanks for all the laughs & the memories!! and good luck finding your new spot!



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